Summer Reading and…..

Like Life

is an exhibit at the METBreuer now. It’s an interesting show with opportunities to settle in and draw so think about bringing your sketchbooks.

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And this is a nice list of summer reading you might like.

I am teaching at NCC this summer. I will be exploring 2D with young students. I am looking forward to it. Meanwhile, have a wonderful summer; I hope you are all well. I will see you in town or at the beach. Prof. Lori

Spring cleaning

Hi Students. A few things.
There is a live face book demo tonight out of the Students league. Subject-portrait painting.  You go to your own fb page and search for Art Student League of New York Live Video. The streaming will be on their page. Pop it open for better viewing.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 4.28.26 PM.png

And as for me and my whereabouts. I continue to explore throwing pots on the wheel in Port Chester NY. I am just about getting the basic technique down (this is challenging). Next session I am hoping to start to make more creative vessels by combining hand built elements to add to the centered thrown elements.

I am not scheduled to teach painting in CT this spring. I am however teaching at NCC in May, June and July. Two Dimensional Design is the course and it is full. I am looking forward to the subject matter and working with NECA students over the summer.

I hope you are all well and being creative. Have a happy-hopefully from this point-snow free spring. Enjoy your chosen arts; I hope to see you around town. Lori


Hi students,
I am enrolled in a ceramics class this term-and am not too great at it. My usual painting class is not held currently at the Rowayton Arts Center. My ceramics class runs through April. I have no classes scheduled at RAc in the near future. Please jump into another rewarding class at RAC. And watch for “Lori Loh” workshops down the line. Gouache: Journaling and Drawing for Painters have both been well attended in the past.
Stay in tough and as always if you need private lessons or critiques, contact me via email.
All the best, Prof. Loriimg_8674-e1518191088133.jpg

RAC: drop off your student work today and tomorrow

Hello most talented students of Color Confidence. May I remind you, today and tomorrow are the days to drop your work at the gallery. It is your turn to shine and show off. I’ve seen some wonderful pieces in my class from 2017. I hope to hang some of those masterpieces this week.
Happy New Year. Prof. Lori
This is the piece I am hanging; seems appropriate for the month. Soft Ice/Farm Creek….an oldie but a goody.

MoMA visit. I saw some colorful works ar MoMA over the holiday.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the Hyperallergic site. It is a wonderful resource for articles of creative interest. Betty Woodman was born in Norwalk (who knew).

Read how color strongly influences the narrative in his work.

Holiday Films to consider

Hyperallergic is a great fine arts link.
It presents a great opportunity to connect to/with the arts world: photography, painting, installation art, sculpture, and graphics. At this time of year they summarize their favorite films and docs pertaining to art. So many of these films are on Netflix or Amazon. If surfing around and in want of something cool, arty and enlightening check out a few of these films. *These are ones I’ve seen and find pretty interesting. The lists are linked below.

  • *Finding Vivian Maier
  • Je Suis Charlie
  • *Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry
  • *100 years show
  • Beltracchi
  • *Iris
  • Style Wars: about graffiti artists
  • Beautiful Losers
  • *Bill Cunningham’s New York
  • *Jean–Michel Baquiat

And PBS’s ART21 is a totally absorbing series on current internationally recognized working artists. The film crew stays with each artist following their process in the studio-AWESOME AWESOME SERIES. Go to and find ART21. Hours of exploration.

Demo: flesh tones and figure studies

In class this week, I will demo how to mix flesh tones.
Can you guess which base color we would begin with?
As always, should you prefer to paint, please do so and we will demo quietly at the front of the class, allowing you your studio time.
We have one more class following this week and then we all take a break over the holidays. 🙂 More time to nurse Jimmy back to 100% health.

RAC is calling all students and teachers o exhibit. Prospectus here:

I’ve seen some mighty fine works coming from you all in class. Please do show one of your masterpieces. Do us all proud!


Opening Nov. 8

Opening: NCC Art Gallery East

Vincent Dion
Joseph Fucigna
Constance Old
Margaret Roleke
Donna Sharrett
Suzan Shutan

November 6, 2017 to January 11, 2018
Artists’ Talk and Reception
Wednesday, November 8, 2017
6:00 to 7:30 pm
Gallery Hours: Monday to Friday: 7:00 am to 10:00 pm
Saturday: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

And a new book on color is worth a look.

The Curious Histories of Colors, from Beige to Heliotrope

These stories about the origins of hues makes for a colorful read.

Next class: Oct 11

We have two more session in this class.
Color Confidence will roll through to an addition 8 week session, beginning Nov. 1 and ending Dec. 13. Sign up is possible through RAC immediate: We have a fun group, I hope you can continue to enjoy, learn and share in my color class.
This week is a full painting session-no demo by moi.

Avoid white in the mixing if glazing over deep hues_whites will “cloud”
Yes, use white in a glaze if you are using a larger pigment load-say, 50/50 for an interesting transparent tint in an abstract work
If you love your brush work and choose not to rework an area, glaze to alter the hues: add saturation, deepen value or mute a hue
Yes you can paint opacity over a glaze and vice versa
Start with a small pigment load and a lot of medium; then glaze in multiple layers for a rich shift
A glazed layer reflects light differently and with an impression of more vibrancy
What worked for Vermeer should be good enough for us!

A good exercise for you to try would be to render an object in black and white and then try glazing on top of that rendering. All previous layers must be dry underneath.

RAC Beer Event is next Friday night. It is a fund-raiser. I will be there with friends and Jimmy. Hope to see you there and consider a donation if you cannot make the event. RAC is such a jewel-we all agree.

October 4. Glazing-the how-to’s and why’s

Our demo discussion on Oct. 4 will be on glazing.

You can use glazing extensively in acrylics. As well there is an old tradition of using glazes in oils. Vermeer, as well as other painters, used glazing techniques to save money. Paints were so expensive: blue in particular.
Light reflects differently off of a transparent glaze layer verses an opaque layer. The results are wonderful.

The blues in Vermeer’s works were glazed over gray underpainting.