Blues to Greens-cool subject

Hi students, this week’s mixing demo and topic

includes a refresher on blues with the addition of greens. I’ve been digging around for fun factoids on greens to share and histories to reveal.

I’ve also been organizing with RAC director extraordinaire, Suzy Aubrey, and we are working on the fall 2017 class arrangement. As it stands now, we are leaving the Color Confidence class as a 10-1:00 class. The session will cost a slight bit less. I will teach from 10-12. The studio will remain available for painting till 1:00. So the arrangement is a slightly lesser exposure to me (:) that might be a good thing, and a full session of studio time. I am due at NCC in the early afternoon and need some set up time for that packed college theory class. I hope many of you will stay the course, take advantage of a little discount and remain focused on your art. So plan on Wednesdays, Color Confidence, at the usual time, 10-1:00.

I’ve mentioned this link before. I am subscribed to WinsorNewton. I like their short but always sweet tutorials. I recommend you subscribe as well. Their demo’s are in watercolor, oils and gouache. If you scroll around on the site you will find great topics to explore on pigments and paints. The article below is re: proper cleaning of brushes. I loved the safflower oil tip for oil painters!!! I have used safflower oil when cleaning up after print making sessions but never as a type of temporary brush depository. I found that to be very handy information.


The Link page on this site is where I deposit random but relevant  links that I find along the way. Pour some coffee on a Sunday morning and take a look at a few.  Links

The “all about white” lesson is great. I am often asked questions on which whites to paint with and why. And why use a transparent white or opaque white.

Ok, time for swimming in the lake with the family. See you on Wednesday for coooool blues and greens play.

July 12. Wednesday: RED

I’m digging through my paints to find REDS. The demo this week is covering this dynamic hue. A primary hue that packs an emotional and psychological punch in the palette. It is also the foundation for most if not all flesh tones and in keeping with our recent holiday, it is of the good ‘ol RED, WHITE AND BLUE patriotic chord of colors.
Rose madder, alizarin, cadmium, rose, napthol, and red ocre are a few reds we will talk about. And the mixing demo will be on matching browns. Buy a brown bosc pear if you think you might like to follow up in class and practice with a small study on mixing reds to browns.
As always, this blog has demo’s on the so cleverly named DEMO page; one is on painting pears in acrylics.

See you on Wednesday July students.



My fall class for NCC/college is full

FYI, for those of you who showed interest in my college color theory class, it is full. I will be at NCC on Wednesdays from 2:30-4:45. This means the RAC Color Confidence class may be moved in the fall; stay tuned, RAC and I will be working on this.

Jerry’s is having a significant sale this weekend if you need to stock up. Double VIP Sale adds an additional 20% off the VIP 20% off. Goodness. This is  nice opportunity to try a different substrate or add a tube of tertiary color to your palette. Good pricing.

I’ll see you all on this Wednesday July 5. Be prepared to start a work of art. Since the class is a four week session, demo’s will be fewer. More paint time for you all.

Happy Holiday.

And fun, I won an award in the Marine and Coastal show. The work was painted for the class demo 🙂 on clouds. Finished, of course, in my studio. Opening next Sunday, July 9.


Beginning anew

We make a fresh start of Color Confidence July 5. Wednesday is the beginning of a four week painting session with an emphasis on color and color mixing. Register through the Rowayton Arts Center.
Scroll below to see additional posts: this class may fit your need for being creative during the summer month of July. Contact me if you have concerns or questions. I’m hear to encourage you and help you engage creatively during the summer.

The RAC exhibit Marine and Coastal opens Sunday, July 9, 4-6
(I submitted this oil study: it started as a demo for cloud painting in my class)


Demo reference: water layers

The water reference is posted.
I had the primaries plus white in my palette. Acrylic demo-Ultramarine, cobalt, pthalo, & magenta.
Use prussian blue for deep dark blue mixing. Cobalt is nice for the middle layers and sky. Ultramarine is gorgeous for all over and remember it shifts towards the violet spectrum.

I shared with you the importance of quiet shifts in hues as the under-painting from the start. Add variety in those early layers shifting from greens, violets, grays to deep blues: keep the values (light and dark) similar. “Dirty” up the hues a bit to add a richer palette by playing with the complementary mixes. Be patient and add this “flavor” from the start. Work generally to specific; use larger brushes at the start. Then, the middle layer brightens a small amount 10%-15%-add lighter values in this layer. Remember scale matters: foreground has larger strokes, middle ground a bit less detail and smaller scale marks, background has less focus and far less detail. Hold off on the “sparkles” until the end of the adventure….and they are NOT white! Have fun with this. Keep your extender handy when you want to really work and blend the details; no need for extender in the first layers-you want those to dry quickly.

Next week is a full painting session; each of you focused on your new works. So many nice paintings are coming out of this class. It’s great to see.

The Carriage Barn in New Canaan has a color show exhibiting. I’m sure that is worth a peek-see. Carriage Barn Arts Center

The RAC gallery has the Under Forty Show.
Marine and coastal is the next theme, so think about submitting something if you are an artist member.

The Center for Contemporary Print Making
has a beautiful show on exhibit. Miniature Print Exhibition. Careful, you will want to buy a bunch of these jewels. They are tiny and often exquisite.Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.29.36 PM.png

Whitney (NYC) always has something interesting. Check this out.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.37.11 PM.png

Next week: full paint session. May 31

Next week is a full student paint session.

No demo. You will be working on your own masterpieces.
I have loaded images and a process file onto the Demo page of this blog for the tree sketch I worked on in class. That demo was in acrylic paints and so the instructions for paint additives are based on that medium/not oils in this instance; the theory and process remain the same tho. It was rewarding to hear your enthusiastic feedback. Please let your friends know about my class and approach/intermediate to advanced level. We have room to add more students. The more the merrier.

FullSizeRender 88

The next demo will be covering the topic of brush strokes. Although this is truly a skill  that develops over time, you have asked for some guidance. I certainly will be able to give you some pointers: how to finesse your brush strokes, which brushes give you what effect, and stroke direction that either flattens or adds the illusion of form. Glad to help.

Demo week

See you all tomorrow.

The demo will begin early and last about an hour. Yes! do paint the full 3 hours if you want to work on your own pieces; remember I totally respect your precious few studio hours and it is never a problem if you are listening from afar and doing your own thing in session.

For those of you who love the demo’s, we are discussing landscape elements for compositions. How do you start and finish a study for trees, grasses, and groupings of foliage. (This will not be a demo on flowers. That is a whole other story 🙂

Johannes Itten’s contrasts apply for these studies: value, complementary pairs, hue, saturation, temperature. See you in the morning.

I visited an unusual gallery this weekend. Seven Bridges in Greenwich.

Seven Bridges

The collector is fond of realism. It is private: a friend invited me. It was a bit otherworldly but interesting. Private grounds, private galleries. Below are a few samples of the type of work I saw.

This week

So we have a demo this week. Remember, do keep painting on your projects if you love the paint time.

If you wish to sit in on the demo: We’ve decided on foliage as the subject-trees, grasses and landscape type imagery. Color Theory exploration will involve contrasts in value, hue, complementary pairs and simultaneous contrast. All of that! in a tree study! The demo this week will be in acrylic medium and I’ll share my enthusiasm for extender being added to the mix. The two approaches I will share will be scumble and wet-on-wet paint applications.

Bruce Museum. Greenwich

The Bruce has their annual arts and crafts show on the grounds today and tomorrow. And the Alfred Sisley exhibit is still on display. He is certainly worth a look; he was known for his skies and water. I am fond of the two large more impressionistic works towards the back gallery-the trees have a life of their own. Notice all the colors in the brushwork.

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 9.07.00 AM.png

Demo: value study/folds/drapery

Welcome new students.

The demo today began with Vermeer’s painting, The Kitchen Maid-his drapery and mastery of light and dark (value contrast). This was a good starting point for our painting class. See demo pix below.

Next week is a full student paint class. Many of you have started very interesting works.
I look forward to working with you. As a reminder, the Supplies page on this blog has a list of acrylic paint suggestions. I would suggest that you add a slow dry medium and a basic gel medium to your supplies. And if you have the chance find a color wheel, value finder, glass palette, spritz bottle and bounty paper towels, bring those as well. RAC does not supply paper towels.

Feel free to continue to practice these exercises. Bring them to class and let’s discuss them. And, of course, work on your own projects, as always.

email me if you have questions Email Lori