Welcome new students!
Beginners to Intermediates
9:30am – 12:30pm. Wednesday mornings @ RAC

Congratulations for taking the time to enjoy the Rowayton Arts Center community and nurture your interest in art. I am looking forward to sharing all kinds of fun painting demo’s and topics with you.
In the meantime, I know you are curious about what supplies you will need in order to be prepared for the first lesson. Bring the acrylic supplies you have and do not worry. We can work with what you have for the first few classes. You can add to supplies as you feel more confident and understand what is needed.
Find a type of carrying bag to transport your supplies conveniently. Roll your brushes inside a paper towel tube to keep them safe. Remember! Don’t worry for the first class.

I plan to teach with a small degree of structure. This will include demonstrations when appropriate.
Acrylic paint is a wonderful medium. I love how quickly you can establish a composition working immediately with saturated colors and dark values. Unlike oils, you can and should work from dark to light and from saturated colors to unsaturated tints. Because acrylics dry quickly, you can apply paint thickly-with impasto technique. It can be a fun and forgiving medium allowing for quite a bit of experimentation.
Let’s start  a conversation on how important it is to establish dark values in your composition. Let’s also talk about how that first fresh layer can be saturated with color. Let’s look at how you can hold the form in your paintings with value contrast-without loading your colors with white. And let’s experiment with larger brushes and a variety of tools to push paint in a fresh new way.
If you follow the class concept of working smaller and in a series, you should finish the session with a fun grouping of works that relate and connect.
It will be my goal to educate, entertain, and share. I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday mornings.

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