In the class demo I stressed

a few things about acrylics and the importance of establishing value contrast in your paintings.

  • Acrylics dry instantly and cover well
    A retardant (Goldens) or Quick Dry (Liquitex) can add blend-ability for a short-term “feel” of oils
  • Start each painting session with a simple arrangement-remember, we are trying for quick fresh expressive results (not over cooked, not over arranged)
  • Start each painting with deep dark values-mucho mas importante
  • Use white sparingly. Added white instantly destaurates your colors-avoid the “pastels”
  • We all noticed that rather than adding white, when we added darks, the value contrast really popped!

Should you choose, you might add these supplies:

  • Matte Medium for work-ability or a type of extender/retardant (small)
  • A small color wheel as we dig deeper into color theory-many of you expressed an interest in more color information…very happy to oblige!

Here is the final result for the demo and talk on March 9, 2016

demo1_3 demo1_2 demo1_1

Although I like the fresh bright fabric and the graphic blue shadows, I pushed the white fabric too far deliberately; I will go back in and glaze over the white areas to review glazing next week.


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