Wednesday, May 11, is the start of our new 8 week session. As this is a rolling admissions group of creative artists, some of you will be new to the class. I will intro the concept of the class and talk about what approach I feel we are trying to take with Acrylics. I will show you how to set up a practical painting space. As our first set-up for observational painting, we will work with simple still life objects. The theme this next week will be the painting studio: jars, brushes, cans of paints, and paint rags.

We have a nice full class of eleven students as of today/Friday. I will be at RAC early setting up-9:00 am. Class starts at 9:30 am.

I am hoping for E&E&E with this class. Education, shared enlightenment, and entertainment. The goal is to learn to paint with an amazing medium while sharing in the community of like minded friends. The shared gossip, arts news, and creative influence is a fun bonus.

I will explain in the first session that this is your joy time. You can determine what it is you want to paint and we will find the right direction for you. If you are most comfortable working from photos, please do work from your own materials. If you have a series of images you would like to complete, do work on your own series concept: 4 small works of produce, 4 expressive works of flowers, tools, toys, antiques, etc.

I will always provide objects to paint from-uncomplicated, simple sets. This is a class exploring color and the acrylic medium. It is a summer session so let’s have fun. I will stay uncluttered and stress-free with the subject matter. The ideal is to work freshly, expressively and with broad strokes using less detail. I will demo acrylic techniques and color mixing as well, being careful not to step all over your paint time.

OK, I look forward to seeing you Wednesday. Oh, and subscribe to this blog by scrolling down to the end of this page and clicking on the gray “Follow” button. I post randomly and often.

Wayne Thiebaud and Richard Diebenkorn inspiration for us.



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