I covered “scumbling” this week. That is when you employ an old bristle brush, loaded with very little pigment (and no added medium), and “dry brush” layers of paint. You use the texture of the substrate to grab the small particles of paint and patiently build layers from shade to highlight. I use this technique to create an illusion of realism. We also added glazing at the end to bring up the saturation of the orange.

Many of you are interested in continuing this experiment with fruit in class next session. Cool. Happy to guide you through this technique. Old stiff bristle brushes are good for this: L-to start, M-for the middle ground, S-for the details. Work relatively small in scale unless you want to be at this for six months! This is how you create realism and you need time to build the layers….and patience.

Other students are planning on working on a landscape. look around your environments and bring in GOOD reference. It is never a bad idea to work from a master painting either. And attempt to copy a style and an artist that you admire. And so, we can start that process too.

Demo 6 (the coffee can with brushes) is now loaded onto the demo page for review.


RAC is active this weekend. Paint the Town is ongoing. And there is a reception at 4:00 on Sunday. The CCNS fund-raiser is this weekend as well; it is being held at the community center all weekend/including today (I think). It’s always nice to support local artists and no, I am not in the show this year.


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