My RAC spring/summer class offering is
Color Confidence. We return to the studio and explore GLORIOUS COLOR-all of its beauty and complexities. Below is the current RAC posting and information.

“I want them all to behave; to do what I want and not what they want…one must taste and taste in order to cook just right.” Josef Albers quote on color, from Interaction of Color

Color Confidence-This class focuses on color-sublime color. Short weekly lessons discussing the color wheel, famous artists’ palettes, a pinch of theory and a dash of color history are part of the play. Learn to mix with confidence-harmonize, saturate or mute your hues. Play with complementary pairs or analogous sets. All paint mediums are welcome. Each student works with their own subject matter. Lori is an experienced teacher and has expertise in oils, acrylics, gouache and mixed medium. This class will continue through the summer.

Supplies needed: 
Students work in their preferred medium. Lori can guide you towards additional supplies or color range if necessary.

Level: all levels welcome, fundamental knowledge of your preferred medium is helpful

Register here:

March 22 – April 26, 2017. Wednesday mornings
10am – 1pm
6 weeks

The class model springs from teaching experience. Students often struggle with or are intimidated by color and mixing color. I hear questions like, “Why is this composition not working?”  Or I hear statements like, “Something is just off in this piece but I don’t know why.” This class hopes to solve those puzzles. Basic information such as, how do I mix hues to make a particular color will be covered thoroughly in class. And as I am a color theory teacher, I bring my color history lessons to class as well.

Join our painting party. It’s always a great group of artists. Get your weekly groove on and put creativity at the top of your to-do-list.

I have painted professionally and extensively in all kinds of mediums. Color Theory applies to all. It is best if you have a basic knowledge of your medium. My demo’s will include oils, acrylics and gouache. I can and will help you with proper painting techniques as part of the class.


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