Hi enthusiastic artists, we explore reds this week. I’ve been digging around and found some interesting history to share. The short mixing demo will cover reds and their complementary color green. This week, I will keep the demo short to allow for more painting time for each of you. The demo will start at 10:00 and end at 10:45.

I wanted you to take a look at one of my favorite artists. Neil Welliver. You know how apposed I am to having black on the palette. Well this shows me!

Welliver’s palette includes eight colors of oil paint: white, ivory black, cadmium red scarlet, manganese blue, ultramarine blue, lemon yellow, cadmium yellow, and talens green light.
*Manganeese blue-acool turquoise blue. It is a medium-staining transparent pigment with wonderful granulating properties. A good substitute for Cerulean Blue. In its natural form, considered toxic. MBlue is now synthetically manufactured and considered stable and safe. (always read your paint labels: the term Hue implies synthetic and non-toxic…sadly often less beautiful than the original hues)

and this….Introduced in the mid 1930’s, the Barium Manganate pigment was manufactured from the mined ore for only about 50 years. Even so, true Manganese Blue gained a devoted following among painters, and was highly prized for its intense beauty and brightness.

If you have an hour to watch, this is a wonderful video on his process and approach. Some of you asked how to organize your palette; take a look at his table and set up. Love it.
neil welliver

A few of my friends were accepted into the Spectrum show. Here is the opening info.


The Carriage Barn Arts Center
Opening Saturday, April 22nd
4 – 6 pm
Waveny Park, New Canaan, CT

CCP has a new print exhibit showing. Center for Contemporary Prints-exhibits





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