We are sharing lunch on Wednesday.
Bummer, the weather looks terrible-rain. Maybe we can scoot over to 101 or Sails for a bite.

We are exploring yellow and orange mixing in the class demo this week. It is not always easy to identify yellows once pulled down in value-they make interesting green shades.

May 10 starts the new session. In the next group of classes I suggest we explore palettes for Johannes Vermeer, George Bellows, and the broad topic “palette-varied flesh tones”. This will be an eight week session so the rhythm will be lecture one week for an hour plus paint time. and the next week will be pure student paint time. So we will cover 4 topics in the 8 weeks. During paint time, as always, I will support you individually in your chosen direction and medium.
I finished this painting this week. I enjoyed exploring body, texture and transparency using cold wax oil painting. Yes, I glazed with ultramarine in the skies (one of our recent topics).

FullSizeRender 78

New York Botanical Gardens has Chihully works displayed and is worth the trip (off hours as it will be popular) Even on an overcast day, the work was beautiful in the setting. No, I did not plan to match the schulpture 🙂
Also, ALERT, there is a plein air event there on June 11, Sunday, if that is your cup-o-tea.

Images for Varied flesh tones. Notice the complementary harmony: warm reds and cool greens.