We covered mixing with yellows and oranges this week.
It is interesting as you mix into deeper values with these hues how different the shades are. We all know how to discern a deep orange from a deep yellow now! And how to mix them. And, really important! how to combat the pasties-over whited high-lighted mixes.
We also continued the discussion on glazing. The when to, how to, and whys of glazing (for both oil and acrylic). You all seemed quite excited about trying this technique-that’s rewarding.

May 10 starts our new 8 week session. Please encourage your friends to sign up. We have room for more students. If you liked the class and benefited from my teaching, let others know about RAC and it’s classes (:-) especially mine).

A BIG thank you to my Match/April students. It was fun teaching you. I hope you move forward and continue with your studies. Take some summer courses. Remember that drawing is always a good place to start. Keep drawing-you need to understand what you are drawing-the lighting, the form, the values-for a solid foundation in painting.

Perhaps I’ll see you on Sunday at the opening. I’m still smiling rewarded that my painting is Best in Show.
More about “Neglecting Picasso”
I took this shot over a year ago at MoMA. I was captivated by the late winter light outside the window and the drama created by such deep shadows and equally dominant vibrant blue. Yes, I glazed ultramarine over my skies to get that saturation. And the winter yellow is cooler than you will see in the summer; it tips a bit green with more white loaded into the mix. The name comes from the fact that I was day dreaming and looking outward (typical) instead of looking at the Picasso retrospective, my intended focus at MoMA that day.



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