Welcome this week to a new painting session
at Rowayton Arts Center.
Color Confidence is a weekly painting group. Register here: Color Confidence Registration

Artists are working currently in oils and acrylics. I demo in both. I am also very happy working in mixed media, gouache, oil sticks and pastels. So bring the medium you feel comfy with and enjoy the lessons and the energy of the group.
This session is an 8 week class. I will demo one week for the first 45 minutes (then you paint until 1:00), skip one week/you paint, demo the next, etc. Each class has a focus of color and all of its complexities, mysteries and splendor. I am fairly random with the chosen topics but my students…so far…..have learned a lot from the vivid use of pigments, intelligent use of the color wheel (do buy one and a gray scale finder), and my practical methods for mixing and matching hues harmoniously.

In Color Confidence, I asked that you be self-directed and able to bring a project of your own to class and start and finish a painting. This is not an absolute beginners class (:/ I’m sorry). But, read this carefully, I have intermediate artists and advanced artists that fit together nicely. I work with you at your level individually and we all encourage, inspire and support each other. If you have concerns as to your level let’s talk.

The first topic I am planning to cover on May 10 is “Value creates form” (in warm and cool gray scale). Johannes Itten (color theory guru) identified seven characteristics of color contrast. Temperature (warm and cool colors) is one of those essential biggies as well as value (the light and dark of a color). The demo will be in gray scale tipping to warmer and cooler temps. In the last session, we talked about Johannes Vermeer and that as popular as he was in his day, he still could not afford the price of ultramarine ($$$ more expensive than gold in the mid 1600’s). He used a technique of rendering form in value first and then glazed thin layers of blue ultramarine over the rendered areas-all to preserve his precious pouch of crushed lapis lazuli (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultramarine). So we launch our discussion from this point-Vermeer, ultramarine blue, value contrast and temperature contrast. Following the discussion, you will begin to paint. Class ends at 1:00 but there is studio time open so you can continue to paint for about an hour before the next class begins (RAC is super generous this way).

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.56.09 PM

I look forward to painting with you on Wednesday. And if you are new to my class, scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page and click on the follow button to subscribe.
Lori Loh.

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