Welcome new students.

The demo today began with Vermeer’s painting, The Kitchen Maid-his drapery and mastery of light and dark (value contrast). This was a good starting point for our painting class. See demo pix below.

Next week is a full student paint class. Many of you have started very interesting works.
I look forward to working with you. As a reminder, the Supplies page on this blog has a list of acrylic paint suggestions. I would suggest that you add a slow dry medium and a basic gel medium to your supplies. And if you have the chance find a color wheel, value finder, glass palette, spritz bottle and bounty paper towels, bring those as well. RAC does not supply paper towels.

Feel free to continue to practice these exercises. Bring them to class and let’s discuss them. And, of course, work on your own projects, as always.

email me if you have questions Email Lori

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