So we have a demo this week. Remember, do keep painting on your projects if you love the paint time.

If you wish to sit in on the demo: We’ve decided on foliage as the subject-trees, grasses and landscape type imagery. Color Theory exploration will involve contrasts in value, hue, complementary pairs and simultaneous contrast. All of that! in a tree study! The demo this week will be in acrylic medium and I’ll share my enthusiasm for extender being added to the mix. The two approaches I will share will be scumble and wet-on-wet paint applications.

Bruce Museum. Greenwich

The Bruce has their annual arts and crafts show on the grounds today and tomorrow. And the Alfred Sisley exhibit is still on display. He is certainly worth a look; he was known for his skies and water. I am fond of the two large more impressionistic works towards the back gallery-the trees have a life of their own. Notice all the colors in the brushwork.

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 9.07.00 AM.png

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