See you all tomorrow.

The demo will begin early and last about an hour. Yes! do paint the full 3 hours if you want to work on your own pieces; remember I totally respect your precious few studio hours and it is never a problem if you are listening from afar and doing your own thing in session.

For those of you who love the demo’s, we are discussing landscape elements for compositions. How do you start and finish a study for trees, grasses, and groupings of foliage. (This will not be a demo on flowers. That is a whole other story 🙂

Johannes Itten’s contrasts apply for these studies: value, complementary pairs, hue, saturation, temperature. See you in the morning.

I visited an unusual gallery this weekend. Seven Bridges in Greenwich.

Seven Bridges

The collector is fond of realism. It is private: a friend invited me. It was a bit otherworldly but interesting. Private grounds, private galleries. Below are a few samples of the type of work I saw.

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