The water reference is posted.
I had the primaries plus white in my palette. Acrylic demo-Ultramarine, cobalt, pthalo, & magenta.
Use prussian blue for deep dark blue mixing. Cobalt is nice for the middle layers and sky. Ultramarine is gorgeous for all over and remember it shifts towards the violet spectrum.

I shared with you the importance of quiet shifts in hues as the under-painting from the start. Add variety in those early layers shifting from greens, violets, grays to deep blues: keep the values (light and dark) similar. “Dirty” up the hues a bit to add a richer palette by playing with the complementary mixes. Be patient and add this “flavor” from the start. Work generally to specific; use larger brushes at the start. Then, the middle layer brightens a small amount 10%-15%-add lighter values in this layer. Remember scale matters: foreground has larger strokes, middle ground a bit less detail and smaller scale marks, background has less focus and far less detail. Hold off on the “sparkles” until the end of the adventure….and they are NOT white! Have fun with this. Keep your extender handy when you want to really work and blend the details; no need for extender in the first layers-you want those to dry quickly.

Next week is a full painting session; each of you focused on your new works. So many nice paintings are coming out of this class. It’s great to see.

The Carriage Barn in New Canaan has a color show exhibiting. I’m sure that is worth a peek-see. Carriage Barn Arts Center

The RAC gallery has the Under Forty Show.
Marine and coastal is the next theme, so think about submitting something if you are an artist member.

The Center for Contemporary Print Making
has a beautiful show on exhibit. Miniature Print Exhibition. Careful, you will want to buy a bunch of these jewels. They are tiny and often exquisite.Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.29.36 PM.png

Whitney (NYC) always has something interesting. Check this out.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.37.11 PM.png

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