Hi students, this week’s mixing demo and topic

includes a refresher on blues with the addition of greens. I’ve been digging around for fun factoids on greens to share and histories to reveal.

I’ve also been organizing with RAC director extraordinaire, Suzy Aubrey, and we are working on the fall 2017 class arrangement. As it stands now, we are leaving the Color Confidence class as a 10-1:00 class. The session will cost a slight bit less. I will teach from 10-12. The studio will remain available for painting till 1:00. So the arrangement is a slightly lesser exposure to me (:) that might be a good thing, and a full session of studio time. I am due at NCC in the early afternoon and need some set up time for that packed college theory class. I hope many of you will stay the course, take advantage of a little discount and remain focused on your art. So plan on Wednesdays, Color Confidence, at the usual time, 10-1:00.

I’ve mentioned this link before. I am subscribed to WinsorNewton. I like their short but always sweet tutorials. I recommend you subscribe as well. Their demo’s are in watercolor, oils and gouache. If you scroll around on the site you will find great topics to explore on pigments and paints. The article below is re: proper cleaning of brushes. I loved the safflower oil tip for oil painters!!! I have used safflower oil when cleaning up after print making sessions but never as a type of temporary brush depository. I found that to be very handy information.



The Link page on this site is where I deposit random but relevant  links that I find along the way. Pour some coffee on a Sunday morning and take a look at a few.  Links

The “all about white” lesson is great. I am often asked questions on which whites to paint with and why. And why use a transparent white or opaque white.

Ok, time for swimming in the lake with the family. See you on Wednesday for coooool blues and greens play.

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