Color Confidence begins anew on Wednesday, Sept. 6.
I look forward to continued exploration of color theory, history and mixing. Contact RAC to register. And link to Class Info on this site for details on the September class. Scroll down on the posting to get a feel for the lessons.

Workshop Offer
Gouache Studies: Journaling
Please link to the workshop page on this blog to consider the gouache workshop in September. Nothing is cast in stone yet but the outline is there to provide you with an idea of what the session will cover and how the day will run.

Private lessons are always an option: you receive focused attention on just what you need to learn. You use my paints and equipment which makes life so easy; no lugging gear up the stairs. In my studio, I can allow for two students for a semi-private lesson as well. If this suits your fancy, email me for rates and available schedule. Lori Loh

Enjoy the remainder of summer. London was wonderful and full of art viewing.

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