We have two more session in this class.
Color Confidence will roll through to an addition 8 week session, beginning Nov. 1 and ending Dec. 13. Sign up is possible through RAC immediate: rowaytonarts.org. We have a fun group, I hope you can continue to enjoy, learn and share in my color class.
This week is a full painting session-no demo by moi.

Avoid white in the mixing if glazing over deep hues_whites will “cloud”
Yes, use white in a glaze if you are using a larger pigment load-say, 50/50 for an interesting transparent tint in an abstract work
If you love your brush work and choose not to rework an area, glaze to alter the hues: add saturation, deepen value or mute a hue
Yes you can paint opacity over a glaze and vice versa
Start with a small pigment load and a lot of medium; then glaze in multiple layers for a rich shift
A glazed layer reflects light differently and with an impression of more vibrancy
What worked for Vermeer should be good enough for us!

A good exercise for you to try would be to render an object in black and white and then try glazing on top of that rendering. All previous layers must be dry underneath.

RAC Beer Event is next Friday night. It is a fund-raiser. I will be there with friends and Jimmy. Hope to see you there and consider a donation if you cannot make the event. RAC is such a jewel-we all agree.

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