Hyperallergic is a great fine arts link.
It presents a great opportunity to connect to/with the arts world: photography, painting, installation art, sculpture, and graphics. At this time of year they summarize their favorite films and docs pertaining to art. So many of these films are on Netflix or Amazon. If surfing around and in want of something cool, arty and enlightening check out a few of these films. *These are ones I’ve seen and find pretty interesting. The lists are linked below.

  • *Finding Vivian Maier
  • Je Suis Charlie
  • *Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry
  • *100 years show
  • Beltracchi
  • *Iris
  • Style Wars: about graffiti artists
  • Beautiful Losers
  • *Bill Cunningham’s New York
  • *Jean–Michel Baquiat




And PBS’s ART21 is a totally absorbing series on current internationally recognized working artists. The film crew stays with each artist following their process in the studio-AWESOME AWESOME SERIES. Go to PBS.org and find ART21. Hours of exploration.

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