Hi Students. A few things.
There is a live face book demo tonight out of the Students league. Subject-portrait painting.  You go to your own fb page and search for Art Student League of New York Live Video. The streaming will be on their page. Pop it open for better viewing.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 4.28.26 PM.png

And as for me and my whereabouts. I continue to explore throwing pots on the wheel in Port Chester NY. I am just about getting the basic technique down (this is challenging). Next session I am hoping to start to make more creative vessels by combining hand built elements to add to the centered thrown elements.

I am not scheduled to teach painting in CT this spring. I am however teaching at NCC in May, June and July. Two Dimensional Design is the course and it is full. I am looking forward to the subject matter and working with NECA students over the summer.

I hope you are all well and being creative. Have a happy-hopefully from this point-snow free spring. Enjoy your chosen arts; I hope to see you around town. Lori

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