Hello art enthusiasts!

My weekly painting class, Color Confidence, is offered at RAC (Rowayton Arts Center); it feels great to be sharing painting techniques and tricks. Years of experience, working as an illustrator and a painter, have given me a lot to share with my students. Painting is one of those exercises you want to continue practicing. The topic of color theory and color mixing is central to the class and holds so much potential for discovery. This class keeps you invested in a weekly art focus-COLOR! GLORIOUS COLOR!

First of all, let me explain the phrasing for the Color Confidence listing on the RAC post:

“This is a class for experienced painters.”
Please be self-directed and able to start and finish a painting in your preferred medium. This means you have a degree of comfort using paint and working independently. The Color Confidence class is focused on color mixing, theory and harmony. Technical painting support is absolutely a part of the course and is covered as I work with each artist one on one. The average size of our group is six; this means lots of individual attention. Sometimes it takes me a moment to get to you so it is important that you feel competent to work autonomously until I can reach you.

This class is wide open for all media. I demo in both acrylics and oils (sometimes gouache). The class holds a discussion about a particular color theme and then each student works independently on their own chosen subject in their favorite medium.
The next Color Confidence begins Wednesday, Sept. 6.

These are some pages from my instruction book.


I am an experienced foundation drawing teacher and color theory professor and I infuse my classes with drawing lessons and color education. Mixing colors is an important part of the class.

I used acrylics for years as a illustrator. Because acrylics dry quickly, you can apply paint thickly and not worry about weeks of drying time. It can be a fun and forgiving medium allowing for quite a bit of experimentation. Learn how to use additives properly. Students often have a million questions about gels, mediums, and retardants; I can walk you through this mine field of products and show you how to improve your paintings by using mediums. 🙂 Yes, you can get the feel and blend-ability of oils when using acrylics-it’s a matter of learning to use the right medium in the right viscosity.

I use oils in my studio work often and love the rich buttery feel of the medium and it’s slower dry time and work-ability. Blending rich brilliant colors in oils is always a joy. Adding the correct medium can speed the dry time if done properly.

I mix oil crayons, markers & alcohol, and pastels when I draw. I also play with encaustics as well as cold wax medium with oils. I am a big rule breaker now; experimentation is a good thing.

We explore and play weekly. No medium is out of bounds. No color question is off limits.

The bottom line is, feel free to work in the medium you want to explore: color mixing and color theory apply across media platforms.

Please contact me directly should you have any questions. Lori