On this page I will share all kinds of things:

articles, edu. sites that I find helpful, current shows or events and links to inspiring artists that I find interesting.

Gouache Workshop Links
I’ve found some pretty good gouache videos on YouTube to share.
In no particular order, here are a few I thought were worth looking into.

How I Paint Caucasian Skin Tones in Gouache (the basics for mixing red and yellow tones)

GOUACHE / MIXED MEDIA – A New Start (a more graphic novel approach-flat areas with drawing overlay)

pintura de un bosque con gouache o témpera/ painting a forest with gouache/
(A long video but speed thru it and watch a forest scene develop. It’s pretty good)

LENA RIVO – painting the figures with gouache, “Young Couple”
https://youtu.be/XASMgMkoPB8 (nice. Simple, quick study)

Fine art tips on How to Paint Using Gouache with Jo Reitze on Colour In your Life
(Long but speed through it. Interesting immediate application. Fine artists who paints with squiggles. Large plein-air garden scenes)

Preview painting with watercolor and gouache. (Using watercolor washes and gouache)

Gouache 101 · Tips and Techniques + Paper, Brushes and Cheap vs. Expensive (good basics on materials)

Gouache Portrait Painting Techniques (Great. Long. You can really see a portrait building process with gouache)

Winsor & Newton tutorials are great too. Short and sweet.

“Fat over Lean Rule”-oil paint additives

This was honestly new to me technically. I’ve always used a rather standard ratio for my mix throughout the oil paint process.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 4.01.58 PM.png

Explanation on paint quality. I found this useful.


Nice link discussing Whites for oils. (Acrylic and gouache artists generally use mixing white and titanium white-FYI)

All about the varied WHITES-for oils

I like this one. My oil painters wanted to know the correct mix for adding medium to oil paints. This walks you through it.

Oil painting medium-how to mix


Whats the Big Deal about a little Tube of Paint

The French Impressionists disdained laborious academic sketches and tastefully muted paintings in favor of stunning colors and textures that conveyed the immediacy of life pulsating around them. Yet the breakthroughs of Monet, Pissarro, Renoir and others would not have been possible if…….(I’m such a tease)

The Chemistry of Painting

This video takes 50 minutes so grab a coffee and watch on a Sunday morning. But honestly, it is a great timeline of the history of pigments used as color for paintings.

if you’ve never thought about where paints come from, this will answer that curiosity.

Re: painting art supplies-fun look at artists’ studios








Color wheel and mixing GREAT YOU TUBE VIDEO
Good site explaining basics of Color Harmonies (tried and true groupings of hues that work well together)
Good site with lots of palette info!

Brush Supplies-here are a couple of pages that can fill in the gaps on your knowledge of brushes.