New workshop offering: Gouache Studies: Journaling

The Rowayton Arts Center is sponsoring my workshop in September.

September 23, Saturday, 9:30am -4:00pm
Morning session: 9:30-12:00 covers materials, portable setup, and demo
Lunch break 12-1:00
Afternoon session: 1:00-4:00 covers student paint time with teacher assist


Gouache Studies: Journaling

Levels – All levels

September 23, Saturday (9:30 am – 4:00pm)

“The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a very human way of making life more bearable.” Kurt Vonnegut Jr., A Man Without a Country 

Gouache-an opaque water based paint-is the best traveling companion. Portable, the vibrant tubes of color pack a punch. Set-up can be space-saving and easy for globe-trotting. The morning session will include how-tos on: compact set-up, substrates, and a thorough painting demo. The afternoon is student play time, exploring the techniques covered in the morning session. Gouache studies do stand-alone making for precious complete paintings. Plein-air painter? Working quickly and in a small format, gouache can be used as color studies for larger works. Gouache has been used for decades in the design industries due to its gorgeous color and matte finish. You will fall in love with this medium! Join the fun. I am an experienced teacher and have expertise in oils, acrylics and gouache: while living in New York, I was lucky-I studied watercolor and gouache with Burt Silverman.


  • Pre-cut, small illustration board (provided by instructor)
  • Small straight edge
    • (can be a cut piece of cardboard); used for straight line drawing-buildings and such
  • small mixing surface; can be plastic or metal (Chinese take out lid? or white tray)
  • eraser and sharp pencil
  • small set of watercolor (synthetic or natural) brushes
    detail-small round (#2)
    load-medium round (#6)
    flat-3/4″ to 1/2″ for larger areas and for square edge work
    add one or two bristle brushes to the group-medium in size-for scrubbing technique
  • odds and ends: spritzer
  • sm/cup for water, a few paper towels, clips for holding board or tape (provided by teacher)

PAINTS-Winsor & Newton/professional or Turner/Student

Warm Hues: medium warm red, medium warm yellow and medium warm orange
Titanium white (opaque-DO NOT BUY MIXING WHITE)
Cool Hues: Ultramarine, cobalt blue (a nice middle blue)
Earth hues: Raw Umber or Burnt Umber (a deep neutral brown), Sap green if you want a green

***Please be aware that different brands name their hues differently. In essence, you are looking for medium values in primaries and a white and a dark earth hue. You can certainly work with white, red, blue, yellow, orange, and a deep brown. Turners are the least expensive option and are student grade. If you catch Jerry’s back to school sales and use their VIP pass, you can buy more Turners (secondary and tertiary hues) to fill in a set as they mix less successfully but are soooo delightfully inexpensive. Winsor & Newton brand is a high quality professional pigment (Ka-ching $$) and the pigments mix well with less tubes needed. In other words, they will mix to more saturated more pure colors-yummy good stuff.
On the topic of brushes-oh my how confused can we all get! Me too. Kolinsky is a top brand as they are natural fibers. A #2 small round brush can cost you about 40.00 though. So, try for a “medium priced brand” and check to see if the fibers have “spring-back” to them. If once loaded with paint, will it flex back into shape? All you really need are a detail brush and a load brush. #2 round and #6 round. Extra brushes would include old small bristle brush and a flat brush synthetic might be good for buildings and hard edge work.

********For an affordable approach to learning gouache, I will provide tubes of black and white, plus a warm and cool color as a limited palette set of hues. These will be made available to all students who want to try gouache but hesitate to invest in a whole new set of paints. I understand perfectly how expensive art supplies can be************************************


Our studies will be small-I recommend no larger than 6″ X 8″. The afternoon session allows for a three hour focus. Working small will give you plenty of time to complete a study. I will supply cut illustration boards for everyone to paint with as substrates. Any watercolor board or paper is appropriate for these studies if you want to bring your own.

For convenience sake, we can work from photo reference. Bring your own in if you have something you feel you would like to play with. I will also have plenty of reference to work from: boats, gardens, clouds, travel shots, etc. Painting from your IPhone (or IPad) works as well if you can prop your phone up for convenient viewing.
A simple cup with wild flowers could be a still life to work with-arrange one and bring it to the studio.

Always feel free to email me if you have questions. Lori Loh.